• Live by the vision to “create added value” or “Enhancing Value”, to all our property developments that we have developed and sold. In the short-term and long-term, to create the maximum value enhancement to our property as well as return and benefits to all our buying customers.
  • Contribute to the economic growth and society, including to support and improve the environment of the area surrounding each of our development projects.



  1. To innovate and develop creative property development projects that is outstanding and exceptional which uniquely differentiates it from other property projects.
  2. To achieve and deliver satisfaction for both end-user and investor-buyers of the property through our corporate philosophy of “Enhancing Value”.
  3. Endeavor to achieve and deliver success and stability to the company’s operation.

Objective and Goal

Endeavor to develop property projects with innovative thinking along with the preservation of high quality and reputation of our company and to prosper and build stable revenue on a continuous basis.


With our guiding principle of “Enhancing Value”, our residences encompass the key ingredients of prime location, spectacular view, high quality development, special holiday privileges, and 5-star hotel chains rental management to provide a good rental return for our investor - buyers and a good appreciation of its property value in the future.

Value for Investor-Buyers

Create value for our investor - buyers by providing the short-term and long-term return of their investments. • Short-term return with rental management program with suitable 5-star international hotel chain and its appreciation in high value of property. • Long-term return of their investment by creating appreciation of property future value due to good standard of services and upkeep for good branded image of the property.

Value for Shareholders

The shareholder’s benefit is one of our priority management policy. We seek the ways to enhance shareholder value through both project development and financial strategies, which may include investment in quality projects to stronger and more sustainable company good creation as well as generate good returns by paying dividends according to company dividend policies.

Value for Communities

Apex, we are a part of communities in rehabilitating and developing the surrounding environment in order to sustain the beautiful natural surrounding to co-exist with our projects. We have plan to take part in Coastal Cleanup, helping to remove the garbage from beaches and waterways. In the near future, we plan to launch the Coral Reef Conservation Project for helping conserve coral reefs around Andaman coastal. Our CSR projects are conducted in cooperation with Government Agencies, communities and other organizations.