APEX Delighted! Corporate Debenture of 800 Million Completely Sold Out.
Well Received by Investors, with Funds to Utilize for
Business Expansion According to Plan.

4 September 2017

Mr. Pongphan Sampawakoop, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Apex Development Pcl. (APEX)

revealed that the company achieved great success in the sale of the corporate debenture exceeding

800 million Baht to institutional investors and/or high net worth investors this past 28-30 August 2017. 

The sale was made through AEC Securities Pcl., Country Group Securities Pcl., and UOB Kay Hian

Securities (Thailand) Pcl.

The funds raised from corporate debenture will be used to support the company’s business expansion,

repayment of existing debt and working capital requirements. The company planned to develop 9 real

property projects in the next 3 years (2017-2019) in the tourism areas of Thailand such as Bangkok,

Phuket, and Pattaya. Combined these projects are valued approximately 13,830 million Baht or growth

rate of 394%, consisting of hotels, residences, and shopping centers. The revenue from the projects are

expected to be realized within a period of 3 years, which will lead to enhanced stability and a higher return

potential for the shareholders.

“On behalf of the company, we would like to thank all our investors for their great support in purchasing

all the corporate debenture issue within 3 days from the offer date. I would like to extend special thanks

to several high net worth and institutional investors who were interested in our debenture. This reflects

the investors’ strong confidence in our business expansion and potential growth,” said Mr. Pongphan.



Photo: Mr. Pongphan Sampawakoop (2nd from left), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Apex Development Pcl. (APEX)

signed an agreement appointing AEC Securities Pcl., Country Group Securities Pcl., UOB Kay Hian Securities Pcl., as the

underwriter for APEX coporate debenture of 800 million Baht.